Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meet Fluffy, Zombie Betty and Killer Fifi's new BFF! Fluffy was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and lost a little of himself along the way, but is happy to have found his new fiend, er, friend, Betty. And Fluffy and Killer Fifi will be come best frenemies, too, from the looks of things!

Betty is enjoying the incredible heat of Texas, but will be off to her next destination in a week or so.

Having fun,
Christine Amaryllis

Monday, August 22, 2011

Zombie Betty safely landed in Texas!

In spite of the brutal heat in Texas, Betty keeps her cool. She is looking pretty good, for a dead girl. Killer Fifi is present, all brains accounted for...and, I hear there is a love interest in sight!

Don't mind me today, I am in the middle of being sick, and am probably delirious. Haha. Anyway,
Betty is here, stay tuned for new pics once I figure out what mark I can make on her! Haha.
--Christine Amaryllis

Friday, August 19, 2011

Killer Fifi makes an appearance

Working on Zombie Betty has been interesting.
After much thought, Betty decided she wanted a friend. It's tough being a Zombie and no one seems to understand.

Her life as a Rockabilly girl has changed dramatically and being on the road as a singer has made her lonely.

So her buddy, her pal... her poodle Fifi has come along for the tour. After a few days with Betty and her changed band, poor Fifi isn't quite the same dog.

Killer Fifi as the show stopping poodle is now known, a good friend for poor Betty and the rest of her band.

I had a lot of fun creating Killer Fifi for Betty. She is sculpted out of polymer clay over armature, painted then embellished with crocheted funfur yarn for the poodle poofs, peyote stitched beaded collar and spiral rope beaded leash.
I completely forgot to get photos of the journal, but it includes some photos of her new zombie love interest and zombie friends.
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