Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ahzure getting ready to leave Seattle!

Hello everyone,

Apologies for being so quiet-  am currently still undergoing a lot of medical issues. Other than pimping some of my previously created art for a local exhibit and working on these dolls, I haven't done anything creative in ages, probably because my muse has waltzed off for awhile.

In any case, Ahzure is about ready to leave Seattle. 

I embelllished her eyes a bit including textured eyelashes.  I also added jewelry and a second outfit (before I re-read the rules that said not to make multiple clothes- I'm sorry- I was so inspired by what Christine had already done that I just went with it).  I added some strategically placed coins, a veil, a skirt, a headband, some bracelets and anklets and necklace (all of which are removeable so you can mix and match). The gorgeous top she's wearing was made by Christine.  I can put Christine's outfit back on her so as not to violate any more rules- sheesh I am such a dork sometimes!

Ahzure was a very affable guest- was trying to teach me to dance but alas, I'm just not as coordinated.  :)


Where in the world is Baubo?

Haven't seen any pictures of her since she arrived in Seattle! I hope she didn't wander off somewhere...she is a bit inclined to mischief!

Christine Amaryllis

Saturday, June 18, 2011

DAX is here!

DAX has arrived in Texas! She is looking good and I have some fun ideas for her, and am looking forward to 'making my mark' on her...

--Christine Amaryllis

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dax getting ready for Texas

Dax has been going through some changes, she is getting ready to work on inventing her own machines and gadgets. Being an active and inventive gal, skirts and petticoats wouldn't do... pants and boots and a starlet hairstyle!

She loves her hair, but complained it got in her face when she was trying to invent, so she got a wire-beaded hair piece to keep it out of her face. Are those crystals the recognition activators for her time machine? She won't tell, a gal's got to have her secrets!

Next up she went out shopping. A pair of doe-skin pants, stylish and sleek, with a petticoat bustle and a set of custom made boots beaded tassels a clackin' with each beat of the diva's feet.

The end result you see, a gal who is on the move and ready for adventure!

Her journal pages appear to have plans afoot... machines and inventions galore!

Steampunk is a fun genre to work with. I loved working on Dax while she was here with me. Additions are hair with crystal wire wrapped accessory, matching beaded/crystal necklace, doe-skin pants, and sculpted boots with beaded tassels.
I had a ton of ideas and could have just kept adding, I think I may have to work up a few forms and play with the steampunk theme some more :)
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