Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Betty on her way today.

Sweet little Zombie Betty is just finished packing and saying her goodbyes to her English friends. They are all delighted that she was very restrained and didn't attempt to eat any of them.. i think the cherry brains she brought with her sustained her very well! She has a noose around her neck now too but i didnt get a pic of that.

Okay, so the time has come and i shall drop her off in the care of the post office shortly. I expect she should arrive in Oklahoma in around 3 weeks!

Have a great time with her Stacie..

Friday, May 27, 2011

Comment on Willow

It looks like the only way through is to write a whole new entry.. so here goes..
I love Willow and am greatly looking forward to meeting her, especially with her new face; i expect we will hardly keep her quiet once she has eyes and mouth!
I'm already feeling things i think Willow may like, so am hoping my ideas fit in with hers and with whatever treasures Therese gives her.. Oh, i must also say that little purse is just beautiful, what an original little thing.

Blog not playing the game!!

I keep trying to post comments on the blog entries, but all the program does is divert me to sign in again, and again, and again and wont publish my comment. Maybe other people are having the same problem as there arent many comments getting through.. so i'm writing a post this way, to see if it gets through..

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Willow Has Arrived!

Willow has arrived at Keyhole Gallery! I can't wait to start working on her, I think she needs a face first.....then I'm not sure...we'll see what she wants!

This is the cutest purse she came with! A birch bark original!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Betty's Journal

Here are the pages i did in Betty's Zombie journal. There is just a little addition still to do, but she will soon be ready to make her trip over to Stacie in OK.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Zombie Betty in England!

Zombie Betty arrived here in England on 20th May after a long journey across the Atlantic. It is greatly exciting for me as i've never worked on a zombie before, but before she got here i'd read a little about zombie culture so i'd be prepared as best i could. Therese had given Betty a wonderful hairdo with a bandana and 4 big cherry brains for her to keep or eat!! Yuk!
So, what to do.. well Betty seemed to like my ideas as she said she was definitely feeling too green overall.. I gave her a pink polka-dot top with a ribbon belt. I 'tore open' her chest and exposed her rib cage and heart and of course the customary blood and gore.
I also made a few small painted additions to her face, her eyes & a scarred mouth. There are still a couple more things to give her, but i need to get supplies, so i'll show when theyre done.
And her journal pages document my very first connection with a zombie.. hoping her 'mom' approves my changes for Betty! Lol

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baubo has arrived in Oregon! she was met by a beautifully sunny day!

Mastema is on her way...While she was here we spent a few days thinking about what was to become of her.! We *googled* Goth and Mastema found herself.. She has become a Goth warrior princess; fearless in her endeavor to fight for the *good* even when her *bad girl * comes out to play... She also found her prince and his name is Edward... but I will not post a picture of him ..Mastema wants to keep her owner in suspense!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Betty's Journal!

Here are Betty's journal pages, with pics of her adventures! Have fun at your next stop!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Zombie Betty's new look!

Zombie Betty had a wonderful spa visit in Ohio! To help bring back her rockabilly style, we gave her a hair cut with bangs and new bandana! She also received a base with a few snacks for the road. Cherry brains of course, lol!

Dax is in Oklahoma

Dax and her lovely journal arrived in Oklahoma today!
We shall have to sit down this weekend to see what steampunk fun I can dream up for Dax.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dax's Journal pages

Here are the pages documenting Daxina the Steampunk Diva on her visit to England. I'll miss her, but you all want to play with her and this fantastic journal!

Dax at wedding teaparty

Here is Dax with her English friends.. in England during the Royal Wedding! They all loved Catherine's dress, but arent sure they fancy the Prince quite so much.. Good excuse for a Teaparty tho..

All documented in her journal, Dax will be travelling tomorrow, when England goes back to work and the post office opens.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Having fun in Texas

Well, Seeker and Ahzure are here together, having a nice chat. They and another unnamed friend got together for this photo...they all say hello (or perhaps "Hello y'all" from sunny and hot Texas...
Ahzure will soon be on her way to the next stop on her journey, but was glad to be able to meet Seeker.

Having so much fun...
Christine Amaryllis
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