Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seeker travels to Texas

The very first thing Seeker decided he needed was "Eyes of course!! How can I seek any thing if I can't see!"

A very determined Seeker knew just what he wanted to look like... I did and redid his eyes and skin tone several times, then threw up my hands and gave in.

Later on as I was working in the journal I noticed a picture of Seeker that Kris had put in there that I hadn't given a thought to since I had first went through the journal. Wouldn't you know... it is very close to what Seeker became!

While out wandering around Seeker found a Rose Quartz crystal, a piece of one from one of my "rock gardens" and asked to keep it for a found treasure. Well of course, he must have a souvenir! With all of the walking he had picked up a limb from our trumpet vine and was using it as a walking stick. I wired the Rose Quartz to it so Seeker could keep it close and maybe add more found treasures along his travels.

Being a bit self-conscious wandering around with no clothes, we spent some time working on rust dyed fabric to make a tunic. I am no great seamstress, so maybe one of the other artists will help refine the simple rust-dyed tunic I made and embellished with some hand stitching.

Next was working in the wonderful alter book journal. I don't have a lot of experience with these, but had been getting a feel for art journal techniques and tried a few out. What fun spritzing water thinned acrylic before recording parts of Seeker's adventures!

For the quotes pages I played with sponge painting, printing on scrapbook paper and decorative trimming.

I refer to Seeker as he because that is what he feels like to me... but really the gender hasn't come obviously one or the other yet.
I had so much fun working on Seeker and the journal, what a happy happy soul he is! I can't wait to see how Seeker develops with the other artist!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ahzure ready to travel!

Here is Miss Ahzure, with her new outfit, ready for her journey to her next destination! The photo doesn't show the lovely beading at the edge of the skirt, which is chiffon, or at the edge of the veil, which is hanging from her hand. The bra and hip wrap are black with gold decoration...

Ahzure seems quite happy with her new outfit!

And here are the journal pages...

It has been lots of fun working with Ahzure!

--Christine Amaryllis

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Dax chose her make-up from a few designs i drew for her..
Dax is wondering if she actually wants hair at all.. she has lots to choose from, but may prefer her head just as it is! You may notice a couple more additions here too..
Dax with her new best friends, Kris's Goth & Steampunk dolls.. more pics soon..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Seeker arrives!!

Seeker finally showed up in Oklahoma today!
Not sure what to think of the unseasonable 90F weather, popping out of the box with a journal in one hand and passport ready to hand over in the other!

The Gecko slithered down off the kitchen wall to check out the newcomer and run passport check!

Seeker is off resting from jetlag and looking forward to seeing what future adventures this first leg of the journey will bring! I'm still waiting to hear what he/she was off doing on the delay here.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kristi's update..

Typical, i post off Seeker first and he/she appears to have gone off sight seeing on the way to OK! Stacie, i KNOW he/she will get there, but our parcel post in the UK is a pain.. i'm going to look into the costs of DHL or a similar private company for the next send. I wanted to post pics of how Dax has changed already, but my laptop has died and thats where i process my photos. Am trying to get back up and running asap so i can share the fun we're having here. The dolls we have created are an amazing mix arent they? I feel blessed to be part of this collaboration, and will relish each and every doll and journal. Have a great day my friends.. Kris xx


Here is Mastema!!

Leader of fallen angels whose job is to tempt men to sin!

Plaster wrap over a "fake" barbie with a GI Joe doll-type head. The wings are swirly wooden butterfly wings that I added clay to to make them look more bat-like. 

The horns are also made of apoxy clay.

The back is a bit lumpy/bumpy but I had to work hard to attach the wings w/ apoxy clay.  The tail is a toy dinosaur bone tail that I added clay to to make it look devilish. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MASTEMA has arrived!

Mastema travelled safely to Oregon ... I am instantly so enamored with this doll! My inner child said * I want one*.....We will be off to adventures as Mastema is having an identity crisis at the moment..not sure if he/she is wanting to be a girl or a guy...hahhaa!!....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ahzure and friends

Her is Ahzure and her new friend Baubo (II) hanging out in Austin. They were having fun earlier dancing around. I have decided on a course for my addition to her, and just need to go out and fetch a piece for it.

Having too much fun,
Christine Amaryllis

Zombie Betty has arrived!

Yay! I just received Mary's Zombie Betty Doll! She's a rockabilly siren!! And she has a hilarious back story! Can't wait to start working on her!! Cheers! Therese

Friday, April 1, 2011

Dax arrives in England!

Its a very exciting day here, Dax has arrived. She is a little chilly being as she is naked at the moment, but i'm quite sure she will soon have clothes a plenty as she has quite a few stops before she gets back home. I'm wondering where to start, the first doll is always hardest, its much easier to continue to add to a doll already begun. So, head or feet or middle? Well, Ms Steampunk Diva Dax, lets have some English tea and discuss what you might like most.
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