Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kristi's update..

Typical, i post off Seeker first and he/she appears to have gone off sight seeing on the way to OK! Stacie, i KNOW he/she will get there, but our parcel post in the UK is a pain.. i'm going to look into the costs of DHL or a similar private company for the next send. I wanted to post pics of how Dax has changed already, but my laptop has died and thats where i process my photos. Am trying to get back up and running asap so i can share the fun we're having here. The dolls we have created are an amazing mix arent they? I feel blessed to be part of this collaboration, and will relish each and every doll and journal. Have a great day my friends.. Kris xx

1 comment:

Whytefeather said...

Well, I shall have to ask Seeker what mysterious adventures occured on the trip here when he/she arrives. It does make you wonder though doesn't it?!!

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