Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seeker travels to Texas

The very first thing Seeker decided he needed was "Eyes of course!! How can I seek any thing if I can't see!"

A very determined Seeker knew just what he wanted to look like... I did and redid his eyes and skin tone several times, then threw up my hands and gave in.

Later on as I was working in the journal I noticed a picture of Seeker that Kris had put in there that I hadn't given a thought to since I had first went through the journal. Wouldn't you know... it is very close to what Seeker became!

While out wandering around Seeker found a Rose Quartz crystal, a piece of one from one of my "rock gardens" and asked to keep it for a found treasure. Well of course, he must have a souvenir! With all of the walking he had picked up a limb from our trumpet vine and was using it as a walking stick. I wired the Rose Quartz to it so Seeker could keep it close and maybe add more found treasures along his travels.

Being a bit self-conscious wandering around with no clothes, we spent some time working on rust dyed fabric to make a tunic. I am no great seamstress, so maybe one of the other artists will help refine the simple rust-dyed tunic I made and embellished with some hand stitching.

Next was working in the wonderful alter book journal. I don't have a lot of experience with these, but had been getting a feel for art journal techniques and tried a few out. What fun spritzing water thinned acrylic before recording parts of Seeker's adventures!

For the quotes pages I played with sponge painting, printing on scrapbook paper and decorative trimming.

I refer to Seeker as he because that is what he feels like to me... but really the gender hasn't come obviously one or the other yet.
I had so much fun working on Seeker and the journal, what a happy happy soul he is! I can't wait to see how Seeker develops with the other artist!


Kristi uk said...

Stacie, my 'boy' is just amazing.. your work is superb! Love absolutely everything.. and you'd never guess you arent a seasoned journaler!
Love his eyes, his skin.. everything!
Thanx so much..
Kris x

Therese Taylor said...

Seeker has so much character already! He truly seems magical!!

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