Sunday, May 22, 2011

Zombie Betty in England!

Zombie Betty arrived here in England on 20th May after a long journey across the Atlantic. It is greatly exciting for me as i've never worked on a zombie before, but before she got here i'd read a little about zombie culture so i'd be prepared as best i could. Therese had given Betty a wonderful hairdo with a bandana and 4 big cherry brains for her to keep or eat!! Yuk!
So, what to do.. well Betty seemed to like my ideas as she said she was definitely feeling too green overall.. I gave her a pink polka-dot top with a ribbon belt. I 'tore open' her chest and exposed her rib cage and heart and of course the customary blood and gore.
I also made a few small painted additions to her face, her eyes & a scarred mouth. There are still a couple more things to give her, but i need to get supplies, so i'll show when theyre done.
And her journal pages document my very first connection with a zombie.. hoping her 'mom' approves my changes for Betty! Lol

1 comment:

Gail V said...

Great job, Kris! Love it all! You must be a natural at zombies.

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