Friday, May 13, 2011

Zombie Betty's new look!

Zombie Betty had a wonderful spa visit in Ohio! To help bring back her rockabilly style, we gave her a hair cut with bangs and new bandana! She also received a base with a few snacks for the road. Cherry brains of course, lol!


Kristi uk said...

I cant help say this but Betty is the one doll in this RR that i will agonise over! I've never thought of Zombie style so i'm going to take Betty along to visit a couple of mates who do the Zombie Walk in Manchester every year, maybe they can suggest things she may enjoy!
Cant wait actually.. Lol xx

Aileen said...

what fun all these dolls are! I never thought of doing a zombie style either but I'm loving it :-)
Looking forward to seeing more :-)

Happy Creating,

Aileen's Musings

Therese Taylor said...

Wow! I wanna go to the zombie walk too, ;) Think rockabilly/punk. I think that's what she's going for. Your work is amazing, she'll turn out great!

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