Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ahzure getting ready to leave Seattle!

Hello everyone,

Apologies for being so quiet-  am currently still undergoing a lot of medical issues. Other than pimping some of my previously created art for a local exhibit and working on these dolls, I haven't done anything creative in ages, probably because my muse has waltzed off for awhile.

In any case, Ahzure is about ready to leave Seattle. 

I embelllished her eyes a bit including textured eyelashes.  I also added jewelry and a second outfit (before I re-read the rules that said not to make multiple clothes- I'm sorry- I was so inspired by what Christine had already done that I just went with it).  I added some strategically placed coins, a veil, a skirt, a headband, some bracelets and anklets and necklace (all of which are removeable so you can mix and match). The gorgeous top she's wearing was made by Christine.  I can put Christine's outfit back on her so as not to violate any more rules- sheesh I am such a dork sometimes!

Ahzure was a very affable guest- was trying to teach me to dance but alas, I'm just not as coordinated.  :)


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