Sunday, September 11, 2011


Dax has had a pleasant stay in Seattle- one of the hubs of Steampunk!  :)

While here, I felt that Dax needed a helmet in case she were to partake of a submersible adventure with her mentor Jules Verne.  (Notice the eyelashes too!)

I also felt she needed a weapon

a compass (detachable)

a breastplate (spider-ific!) and an additional element on her belt

gloves of a sort

and a skull 'n lace garter (just cause!)

She was such a delight to work with!!!


Kristi uk said...

LOVE how Dax is developing, she is an amazing doll to work on and she is certainly looking just great.. LOVE her belt, love the spider.. well, i love it ALL! ~:)

Gail V said...

Great additions. I really love her helmet!

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