Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baubo arrives!!!

Zombie is intrigued!!!  (But no worries- she's out of his reach!) 

I love how she can sit on her own.  A very colorful goddess is she.  My brain cells are a-working. 

I was thinking it would be fun to take each doll on a little sight seeing tour of our towns if possible!  I was in a swap like that where we sent likenesses of ourselves to each other and took them on a tour of the town.  :)

Anyway, I still have to finish my devil girl so I wno't be starting on Baubo right away.  But I'm off to Artfest in a little while (April 6th) so I will probably bring Baubo with me.  :)



Kristi uk said...

How wonderful.. the first doll reaches the first stop off! Its great fun to show the dolls around, and all of them will see England!
I hope Seeker gets to Stacie really soon..

Christine Amaryllis said...

Oh, that is an ominous photo of Zombie looking at Baubo!! Hahahaha. My cat likes to chew on polymer clay, baked or raw. Weird.

And yes, we can all take our dolls out on the town to see the sights!

Christine Amaryllis

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