Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting ready to pack!

Well, someone has to be first and start writing the story of this new Round Robin collaboration 'The Wandering Dolls', so, it's me!

I'm Kristen, the British contingent of this art adventure. I'm going to have to pack up my doll and send him/her on its way to the first stop off with Stacie (i think)!

I'm having to send early as previous experience has taught me that it can take AGES to get a doll parcel across the ocean..

My Doll is called 'Seeker'. Although i had intended creating a female, in creation it seems that Seeker may actually be male. This got me thinking that I would be delighted if Seeker developed into a doll of BOTH genders! Head & huge hands are polymer clay, torso and arms are padded calico, legs are wooden sticks. He has no feet, no hair..

The Journal that will accompany Seeker is an altered book, but i've prepared the pages ready for the artists to work in.

Seeker sets out to Learn, to collect Wisdom, hear Stories, share Dreams..


Therese Taylor said...

Wow Kristen! Your doll is simply amazing!! Can't wait to visit with him/her!

Whytefeather said...

Looking forward to Seeker's arrival!! What a great form to start with :) said...

WOW! My brain is a churning with ideas for Seeker. :)

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